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Perhaps I should introduce myself, my name is Mateusz Ratman and I am a high school student from Warsaw. I have always been interested in science, especially physics, after I heard cool stories about the universe from my grandpa. When I was in middle school, I have decided to pursue this hobby more formally: buying textbooks, taking mock exams, learning higher mathematics; however, the joy of discovery and thinking about spacetime was never lost. My dream is to study theoretical physics in university, and hopefully contribute to our knowledge of the world. I am still relatively young, so mistakes are obviously going to happen, therefore I encourage you to suggest any corrections by e-mailing me.

I have started this blog as a kind of outlet for things I find interesting within the realm of physics. It is mostly directed to people from my generation, hence the name, because I feel like my contemporaries often dismiss science as something “not for them” or plainly boring, which is surprising due to the many online learning tools we have on our disposal. Thus, I wish for this blog to serve as an inspiration for someone to dig deeper into the presented topics and renew their childlike passion to learn about the world, because scientists are just little kids with degrees and lab coats. Have a great time!

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High school student from Warsaw, Poland. JHU Class of 2026.

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