The Discovery of Pulsars – Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Pulsars are powerful cosmic lighthouses. They are swiftly rotating magnetized neutron stars that emit high-energy electromagnetic radiation. They are a particularly useful tool for astronomers since they can be used to probe the space between galaxies and even act like precise clocks. Due to their regularity, they are used in maps of the cosmos, henceContinue reading “The Discovery of Pulsars – Jocelyn Bell Burnell”

Helgoland by Carlo Rovelli

In the summer of 1925, Werner Heisenberg outlined the theory of quantum mechanics on the tiny German island of Helgoland. In his newest book, Carlo Rovelli poetically intertwines the story of the origin of quantum theory with its interpretation and philosophical consequences. It is his best work yet and includes a very lucid presentation ofContinue reading “Helgoland by Carlo Rovelli”

The James Webb Space Telescope

The replacement to the Hubble space telescope is planned to launch on December 18th. With production beginning all the way back in 2004, it cost a staggering $9.66 billion dollars to manufacture, including operational costs. It is an infrared telescope, which will allow us to see galaxies 100 million years after the Big Bang orContinue reading “The James Webb Space Telescope”

Solaris – Book and Movie Review

Solaris is a science fiction book, written by Polish author StanisÅ‚aw Lem in 1961. It’s a scary and powerful depiction of the limits of human rationality. While, I don’t usually review fictional texts here, this book is fantastic and I just have to share it. In a way it is like Frank Herbert’s Dune, asContinue reading “Solaris – Book and Movie Review”

The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli

Time is more than just an emotionless variable. It gives rise to the fear of death, memory and the flow of the universe. Carlo Rovelli depicts time from this human perspective in his 2017 book. We commonly view time as something absolute and uniform across the universe. The author shows that time is much moreContinue reading “The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli”

Private Space Exploration

The emergence of private space companies began in the early 2000s: Space X was established in 2002 and Blue Origin in 2000. Currently, the three major players are Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and Space X. Their goals are to make space more accessible for people not formally trained as astronauts. Space X is making otherContinue reading “Private Space Exploration”