Look Up by Sarah Cruddas

Look Up is a history of space exploration in the 20th century with a strong focus on the purpose of going to space. The second part of the book is solely devoted to giving examples of technologies brought upon by space endeavours and the environmental research conducted by satellites. The final section discusses private spaceContinue reading “Look Up by Sarah Cruddas”

Something Deeply Hidden by Sean Carroll

We all know that quantum physics is wacky. Yet, our equations are able to make extremely precise predictions. The Higgs boson is a perfect example. We should be proud of that. Although, there is one major problem. Do we understand what quantum mechanics are fundamentally? This is the question that Carroll attempts to answer inContinue reading “Something Deeply Hidden by Sean Carroll”

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

In the previous post, we saw that intensity of radiation emitted by a star is proportional to its temperature to the fourth power. Let’s now use that to find a formula for a star’s luminosity. In order to calculate luminosity, we multiply intensity by the surface area of the object. Since, we assume that allContinue reading “Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram”

Blackbody Radiation

Blackbody radiation is a fascinating concept that shines some light (hehe) on quantum phenomena and stars. Planck’s research into the ultraviolet catastrophe at the beginning of the 20th century jumpstarted quantum physics. An ideal blackbody is an object that absorbs all radiation incident on it, and then emits 100% of it. This means that theContinue reading “Blackbody Radiation”