Gravitational Lensing

The world of general relativity is a full of valleys, undulations and holes. Light, as any type of matter, gets affected by the curvature of spacetime and bends around objects with a large gravitational field. We see this effect when we look at the sky, some distant galaxies become distorted and unrecognisable. This also actsContinue reading “Gravitational Lensing”

The Magnetic Field of the Earth

If you have ever seen the northern lights (aurora borealis), you have probably wondered where they originate from. It turns out, they are a stunning visual demonstration of the Earth’s magnetic field interacting with cosmic rays. The magnetic field is estimated to a have originated around 3.5 billion years ago based on analysis of AustralianContinue reading “The Magnetic Field of the Earth”

Detecting Gravitational Waves

The detection of gravitational waves by the LIGO and Virgo groups announced in 2016 was one of the biggest experimental breakthroughs in recent physics. Not only was it direct evidence for a prediction made all the way back in 1916 by Einstein, but also was the first observation of a binary black hole merger. ButContinue reading “Detecting Gravitational Waves”

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark matter and energy are fascinating concepts that capture the imagination of every astrophysicist. They have not yet been observed directly, but they impact a lot of the processes we take for granted. Without them, galaxies would fly apart and possibly would not have formed. They account for 95% of the total mass-energy composition ofContinue reading “Dark Matter and Dark Energy”